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Preparing for a Paralegal Career

"Students currently working as a legal assistant at a law firm will begin to notice the material from the lectures and homework coincides with their job. Many of the classes -- such as Introduction to Law, Legal Research, Legal Writing, and Legal Analysis -- teach the basics of working in a law firm. The subsequent classes will start to build on that foundation. For those not currently working as a legal assistant, these classes will prepare them and give them more confidence when applying to and interviewing for jobs. Having this type of background knowledge in the legal field helps students stand out in a pool of applicants. Additionally, by studying the different areas of law, students have a better understanding of the type of law they most enjoy." - Taylor Crowell, Graduate 

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Finding a New Path

"Although I was nervous and it was my first day back in a classroom in years, the second I walked through the OU Law Center’s doors, it was nothing short of amazing." - Caleb Stillwell, Graduate

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There is a growing demand for legal assistants (paralegals) in the law profession. Legal assistants perform a variety of crucial tasks, including legal research, drafting legal documents, and interviewing clients.

The Department of Legal Assistant Education was initiated by the OU Law Center in 1968, and the program was approved by the American Bar Association in 1978.

Our curriculum stresses understanding and reasoning rather than rote learning of facts. Our legal specialty courses are taught by practicing lawyers and legal assistants who bring their real-world experience into the classroom.

The legal assistant certificate program is flexible and convenient, with Saturday (synchronous) and online courses (9 credits must be completed synchronously).

Graduates from the Legal Assistant Education program will be qualified to work with lawyers in public and private law practice, in the judiciary, corporations and government. Graduates will be qualified to perform a variety of tasks, including legal research and drafting legal documents.

A legal assistant, or paralegal, is trained to work under the general supervision of a lawyer, performing tasks which traditionally have been performed by lawyers. The responsibilities of the legal assistant are professional and distinct from routine clerical duties. In the performance of these various tasks, the legal assistant, lawyer and clerical staff provide increased efficiency in the delivery of legal services to the client. The legal assistant may interview clients, research legal issues, prepare documents and assist in litigation, allowing the supervising lawyer to provide quality representation at lower cost to the client.

Legal assistants cannot give legal advice, accept cases, set legal fees, represent clients in court or perform any legal service without the supervision of a licensed lawyer.

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