2013 Appellate Advocacy Brief Prizes Awarded

Each year, the OU College of Law awards cash prizes to students selected as having written outstanding appellate briefs in Legal Research, Writing & Appellate Advocacy II classes. In 2013, each 1L student wrote an appellate brief on one of the following issues: (1) whether disclosure of law enforcement booking photographs (mug shots) violated a particular state's Freedom of Information Act; or (2) whether civil forfeiture of an $80,000 Porsche after a small amount of marijuana was discovered in the vehicle violated the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against excessive fines.


The College of Law and the Legal Writing Department congratulate the following 2013 prize winners:


Evan Chambers

Alex Duncan

Kelsey Frobisher

Derek Haysam

Elizabeth Isaacs

Nicole Lynn

Zach Stuart

Jeffrey Vogt