Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville Hosts 1L Class at Downtown OKC Firm

Less than a month after starting classes, first-year students at the University of Oklahoma College of Law were able to participate in a networking event at the downtown law offices of Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville.

For two hours, students were able to visit with the practicing attorneys and staff, learning about the firm’s practice areas and clients. The lawyers explained their specific legal career paths and offered tips to law students desiring to practice in a similar setting.

More than 100 1Ls attended the event, a turnout organizers called “amazing.” The firm chartered buses to take the students to and from Oklahoma City, then provided excellent food and overall first-class treatment.

“This is often a student’s first exposure to a law firm and interacting with attorneys,” said OU Law Dean Joe Harroz. “Hartzog provides an incredible opportunity for these students to learn about the operations of a firm and to begin establishing network contacts with legal professionals.  We are truly grateful for the firm’s commitment to mentoring the future of the legal profession.”

In addition to the event, Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville participates in OU Law’s fall and spring recruitment programs, hiring OU Law interns and new associates, and recently endowed the College’s State Department Internship.

Dean Joe Harroz speaks with attendees

Attendees at Hartzog networking event for 1Ls