LL.M. Program Offers Quality Experience

As an Oklahoma girl, OU has always impressed some facet of my life.  As a citizen, I am proud of OU. And, as a professional, I am thankful for OU.  Lawyers are not just dedicated to their craft, they are driven by their desire to learn and apply that knowledge.  My passion has always been the law, and within that are the areas of natural resources, indigenous peoples and energy, three of the most essential aspects of mankind everywhere. 

I had always planned to advance my knowledge and, after considering other LL.M. programs, I determined that the combination of OU's reputation and the LLM curriculum makes its program superior to other post-doctoral programs. The program’s curriculum reaches the core of these subjects and the instructors expand them beyond their usual boundaries.

Participating in this program has been not only exhilarating but rewarding. I am honored to be a part of it.  Thank you, OU Law, for offering an LL.M. program that focuses on areas of law that are essential not just to Oklahoma and the United States, but globally: energy, natural resources and indigenous peoples.