The Six-Word Externship Challenge

It is said Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write an entire story in six words. True or not, brevity has its advantages. Taking a cue from Professor Mary Dunnwold of Hamline University School of Law who asked first-year students to do the same, I asked the summer externs to tell us about their experience in six words. Here are some of their responses.

More court. More clients. More coffee.
Doing good work for good reasons. 
To affirm or not to affirm. (working for an appellate judge)
It is good to be a citizen. (after witnessing a naturalization oath ceremony)
There is still so much to learn! 
(Sung) "I've had the time of my life."
Be careful. It may be appealed. 
I would love to do this!
Enjoy life, but pay your bills. 
Prosecution: Always Do the Right Thing. 
I fight people who fight crime. (working for public defender)
Proper or improper etiquette speaks volumes.
Read. Research. Write. Analyze. Proofread. Repeat.
Bluebook matters mostly above all others!
IP = reading, writing, coffee, reading, writing  
Great work/life balance. Perfect fit. 
Enjoying your job makes work better.
Justice, not a 9 to 5.
Working hard for a good cause. 
Court is not for the weak.   
Policy work: advocacy, dedicated, hardworking people.
My research skills are actually valuable.
Read Cases. Read Opinions. Learn Law. 
Mediation is all about actively LISTENING.
It's good to be the judge.