The Student Bar Association Welcomes a New Board of Governors

The Student Bar Association (SBA) wraps us the 2013-2014 school year by electing a new Board of Governors.  The SBA Board of Governors for 2014-2015 is as follows:

President: Elise Puma, 3L
Executive Vice President: Christy Atwood, 2L
Vice President of Finance: Cassandra Kolenda, 3L
Vice President of Marketing: Kristin Newman, 2L
Vice President of Special Events: Melissa Cowle, 2L
Vice President of Programming: Erin Erhardt, 3L
3L Class President: Luke Miles, 3L
2L Class President: Sam Merchant, 2L
1L Class President: Elected in Fall
Chief of Staff: Amanda Lee, 3L
Student Organization Liaison: Amelia Coates, 3L

The outgoing board was also recognized for its many accomplishments this year including, but not limited to, gaining 24 hour access to coffee and printing, adding a charging station in the Kerr Student Lounge, sending 3 delegates to the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, and participating in the largest Big Event in OU history.  The outgoing board members include:

President: Dylan Erwin, 3L
Executive Vice President: Ally Simon, 3L
Vice President of Finance: Eric Odom, 2L
Vice President of Marketing: Elise Puma, 2L
Vice President of Special Events: Rachel Smith, 3L
Vice President of Programming: Hilary Moffett, 2L
3L Class President: Andy Dark, 3L
2L Class President: Luke Miles, 2L
1L Class President: Sam Merchant, 1L
Chief of Staff: Emily Semands, 3L
General Counsel: Erin Erhardt, 2L