Dolgencorp, Inc. v. Miss. Band of Choctaw Indians, 732 F.3d 409 (5th Cir. 2013).

In Dolgencorp, Inc. v. Miss. Band of Choctaw Indians,  the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, Jackson Division's grant of summary judgment in favor of the tribal defendants.   The Fifth Circuit held that Dolgencorp's consensual relationship with tribal plaintiff, John Doe, gave rise to tribal court jurisdiction over Doe's claims  under Montana v. United States.   This case is significant because the Fifth Circuit's interpretation and application of Montana and Plains Commerce Bank v. Long Family Land and Cattle Co., Inc.  provide Indian tribes with more ground to assert jurisdiction over the activities of nonmembers, which in turn increases tribal sovereignty.  See PDF for complete summary.