Areas of Concentration

This section of the website outlines various areas of study from which students can select in planning their curriculum.  Under each area you will find a list of menu courses most related to the area, electives and seminars in the area, experiential courses in the area, and courses from the curriculum, which, although not in the specific area, are related to or cover concepts or skills that are important to the particular area.  In certain areas a course will be identified as a foundational course.  This means this course is a good introduction to this particular area.  It also provides basic concepts and terms in the area and usually should be taken before other courses in the area.  If the College offers a Certificate in an area this option is noted. 

As a reminder, the following courses are required for graduation for all students:

 First Year Courses:
Civil Procedure I & II  
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Legal Research & Writing I & II

 Upper Division Required Courses:
Criminal Procedure I
Professional Responsibility
4 Classes taken from the Menu
Students matriculating before May 2016: 1 Skills Course
Students matriculating after May 2016: 6 Credit Hours of Experiential Education

*Any course listed under Experiential Courses will count as a skills course.