Classroom Technology

OU Law has made a substantial investment in classroom technologies. Whether the need is for in-class presentations or distance learning (via video conference), the classroom and courtroom facilities within OU Law are equipped for the task.

Classroom Presentation Technology

Classroom technologies can accommodate PowerPoint slides, websites, video tapes or DVDs to visually illustrate the concepts being taught. These technolgies are available to both professors and students for in-class presentations.

Distance Learning (Video Conferencing)

One of the newer uses of classroom technology is in the growing area of distance education. OU Law currently has three distance education courses that use our videoconferencing facilities. Two are taught by a professor here with students both here and at another law school. The other is a class that is team-taught by a professor at the College of Law with students here, as well as instructors and students from six other law schools in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All are participating through videoconferencing technology.

More information about classroom technology is available to OU Law students via the Student Intranet.