There are no prerequisites for any course.  The maximum number of students in any course will not exceed 32.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
(5520) 3 Hours— Professor Donald T. Bogan
This course focuses on negotiation theory and skills in the context of exploring various alternate dispute resolution processes.  It includes both student performance exercises and the study of substantive legal issues affecting dispute resolution, including questions arising from contracts to mediate or arbitrate disputes.  The class also will examine professional issues that commonly confront practicing lawyers.

Conflict of Laws
(5533) 3 Hours—Professor Steven S. Gensler
The course examines issues that arise when a lawsuit involves parties or events connected with more than one state or nation.  Topics covered include determining jurisdiction, selecting the law to apply, and enforcing the judgement.  Special attention will be given to how the involvement of foreign parties affects these doctrines and to comparison with how foreign countries resolve these issues.

Environmental Law
(6523) 3 Hours—Professor Taiawagi Helton
This course introduces students to the common law and statutory approaches pertaining to environmental issues such as population, economic growth, energy, and pollution.  The primary focus is on the major federal environmental protection statutes, but we will also examine the administrative process and the role of courts in environmental litigation.  Certain recurring themes animating the development of federal environmental law are emphasized, including the role of public interest, economics, scientific uncertainty, and the government's need for reliable information regarding the effects of pollution in order to regulate effectively.  Finally, the course will compare U.S. law with environmental law in the international context.

European Union Law
(6030) 2 Hours—Dr. Jonathan Black-Branch
The course covers the legal status of the European Union and the sources, implementation, and enforcement of European Union law. Emphasis will be placed on the competition law of the European Union.

The English Legal System
(6010) 1 Hour— Dr. Jonathan Black-Branch
The course covers England's contemporary legal system. Topics covered include the courts, the organization of the legal profession, the nature of the practice of law in England, access to civil and criminal justice, and alternative dispute resolution.