There are no prerequisites for any course.  The maximum number of students in any course will not exceed 32.

Family Law 
(5443) 3 Hours— Professors Andrew M. Coats and Robert G. Spector
This course examines the rights, obligations, and liabilities arising out of marital and non-marital relationships, focusing on issues associated with marriage, divorce, property, alimony and child support.  The course will discuss and compare the approach to these issues in the United States and Great Britain.  Attention will be given to the problems of international families, including international child abduction.

Issues in Federal Trial Practice
(6100) 1 Hour—The Honorable Timothy D. DeGiusti
This course will explore federal trial practice by focusing on core skills and techniques necessary for success at trial.  Topics covered will include trial planning and preparation, opening statement, presentation of evidence (including selected evidentiary rules), cross examination, and closing argument.  The course will mix lecture and skills demonstrations with hands-on, simulated courtroom presentations by students.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
(5520) 2 Hours— Professor Steven S. Gensler
This course explores methods of resolving disputes other than formal court adjudication.  Topics including settlement, mediation, and arbitration will be examined both as freestanding processes and as adjuncts to the litigation process.  Class time will be divided between traditional class work and hands-on simulations.

English Legal History 
(6100) 3 Hours—Professor Lindsay G. Robertson
The course covers the history of English law from the Norman Conquest through the American Revolution, focusing on the creation and development of the common law and English court system, the rise of the legal profession, and the contributions of the great English legal treatise writers, including Sir Edward Coke and Sir William Blackstone.  

European Union Law
(6030) 2 Hours—Dr. Jonathan Black-Branch
The course covers the legal status of the European Union and the sources, implementation, and enforcement of European Union law. Emphasis will be placed on the competition law of the European Union.

The English Legal System
(6010) 1 Hour— Dr. Jonathan Black-Branch
The course covers England's contemporary legal system. Topics covered include the courts, the organization of the legal profession, the nature of the practice of law in England, access to civil and criminal justice, and alternative dispute resolution.