Letter From Director Wilson

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It is easy to measure the tangible trademarks of excellence at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Our students boast top academic credentials from more than 100 colleges and universities throughout the country. They have excelled in education, the arts, athletics, business, military service, community service and leadership both nationally and internationally. The College of Law has a superb rate of retaining students to graduation — 94 percent of the students who matriculate stay and graduate.

In addition to the first-year fundamental courses, the College of Law offers significant opportunities in the areas of oil and gas law, corporate and commercial law, constitutional law, procedure, taxation, intellectual property, environmental law and indigenous peoples law. In fact, our indigenous peoples law program is the premiere certificate-conferring program in the nation.

We offer students significant opportunities to hone the practical skills every lawyer needs upon graduation through our skills courses, clinical programs, pro bono programs and extensive participation in national moot court competitions. All of our programs and courses are run by a diverse group of accomplished faculty and knowledgeable staff from around the state and the country.

After three years of top-notch legal education at the OU College of Law, our students throughout the past 10 years have averaged a 94 percent bar passage rate. OU Law graduates are succeeding in all 50 states and in 14 foreign countries.

We urge you to look beyond these tangible trademarks of excellence for the real secret of the OU College of Law's success. It is the pervasive culture of community that we feel sets OU Law apart from any other legal education program in the region. Even before a prospective student has completed an OU Law application, he or she will encounter a welcoming and responsive admissions staff willing to devote significant time and energy to shepherd him or her through the admissions process. During the challenging first year of law school, OU students will participate in small classes where professors take time to get acquainted with students and to provide them with personal attention. In addition, all 1L students are supported by mentors from the upper classes who can offer advice and encouragement during that crucial first-year experience. At all levels of the curriculum, OU students benefit from a faculty and administration willing to listen and assist — open doors are the norm at OU Law.

As students become ready to enter the job market, the dynamic professionals in our Office of Professional and Career Development provide extensive programming to educate students about career avenues and opportunities. In addition to running on-campus interviewing for legal jobs, the Office of Professional and Career Development assists students with interviewing skills and resume preparation. Most impressively, the Office initiates tracking of the few students post-graduation still in the job market to provide all support possible in a job search. It is difficult to find a law school that provides this level of support and personal attention to its applicants, students and alumni. It is this spirit of community and caring that allows the OU College of Law to attract, retain and graduate ethical, top-notch professionals year after year.

We encourage you to visit our state-of-the-art facilities to observe this community atmosphere of which we are all so proud. While some might think that the benefits of community in legal education are intangible, I think you will feel them in the air as you walk our halls. We hope to see you soon!


Susan Wilson
Director of Admissions, Scholarships and Recruiting