Exams on Laptops

The Exams on Laptops Program allows students to take their exams on their laptops using special software as long as certain requirements are met. The program is entirely voluntary. Students may request hand-written exams, if taking a hard copy test is their preference.


The general requirements for participation in the Exams on Laptops Program are:

While you do not have to own a laptop to be able to participate in the Exams on Laptops Program, please note a student may not use a laptop owned by the Law Center nor one that is being used by another OU Law student participating in the program. Furthermore, because SofTest uses the Law Student Network for turning in the exam, the laptop you use has to be registered for use on the Law Student Network prior to the test.

Additional and more specific requirements are disclosed on the Student Intranet.


In the Spring 2003 semester, the OU College of Law conducted its pilot project of allowing students to take their final exams on their laptops. That pilot program was a resounding success, and the resulting Exams on Laptops Program has become extremely popular with the College's students and faculty alike. In subsequent semesters, the Program experienced tremendous growth: by the Fall 2005 semester it had grown to the point that nearly two thirds of our law students and more than three quarters of our faculty participated in the Program. In each Fall and Spring semester, student take a combined total of more than 1,000 exams on their laptops.