Mark R. Gillett


Professor Emeritus
B.A., College of William and Mary, 1975
J.D., Arizona State University, 1977
LL.M., New York University, 1982

Professor Mark R. Gillett, who joined the OU law faculty in 1987, teaches Wealth Transfer Taxation, Wills and Trusts, Estate Planning, and Fiduciary Income Tax.

Gillett was admitted to the Iowa Bar in 1978 and practiced law and was a partner in Stanley, Lande and Hunter, a firm in Muscatine, Iowa, prior to joining the faculty.

For years, he was the author of estate practice software which was originally published by Shepard’s/McGraw-Hill in 1985 and subsequently published by the West Group. He recently released the Gillett Estate Management Suite which prepares federal estate and gift tax returns and fiduciary accountings.

He also has also written articles relating to the federal estate tax and the administration of estates and trusts.