The CDO highly encourages students to take advantage of legal internships during their 1L and 2L summers.  These positions provide tremendous exposure to the various areas of the practice of law and provide experience to ensure your marketability for a post-graduate position.  Students should interview for internship opportunities through the fall and spring on-campus interview programs, as well as reviewing job postings on Symplicity.  There will also be numerous opportunities advertised throughout the year. In addition to summer legal internships, there will be fall and spring internship opportunities available to 2L and 3L students.

Make an appointment with an CDO counselor to discuss the internship opportunities available.


Students interested in legal internships which require a legal interns license are required to enroll in specific courses, register with the Board of Bar Examiners, apply for a limited license, identify a supervising attorney, take and pass the Licensed Legal Intern Exam and obtain a limited license.

Click here for more details about becoming a licensed legal intern.