Law Center Information Technology Services (Law IT) is the department primarily responsible for anything technology-related within the Law Center, including the computer labs, Law Student Wireless Network, classroom audio/video technology and heating and air systems. Law IT also develops and maintains the Law Center's internal and external websites.

Student Programs and Services

  • New Student IT Guide - Are you a newly admitted OU Law Student? Click here to access the New Student IT Guide.
  • Exams on Laptops Program - Click here to learn more about the Exams on Laptops Program, which allows most OU Law Students to take at least some of the final exams on their laptops.
  • Law Student Wireless Network - OU Law Students have access to the Internet via a building-wide wireless network within the Law Center. Click here for details about the network.
  • Classroom Technology - The College of Law has made a substantial investment in classroom technologies, including projection systems and distance learning (video conferencing) systems. Click here for more information about these technologies.
  • Computer Labs - Students have computer and printer access at the College of Law through computer labs maintained by Law IT. Click here for information about the computer labs.
  • Law Student Intranet and Forums - To better facilitate communications with and between OU Law Students, Law IT maintains the password-protected Law Student Intranet and Forums. Click here for details.


OU Law IT and OU's main campus IT are completely separate entities, with each responsibile for different systems; OU Law IT reports directly to the Dean of the College of Law, not to main campus IT, and mainstains administrative control over OU Law programs and websites (ending in

Main campus systems, such as the online enrollment system, OUNet accounts, oZONE, OU-provided e-mail, Desire2Learn and the online Bursar system, are the responsibility of main campus IT (or other main campus departments). If you have a problem with a main campus system, call the main campus Help Desk at (405) 325-HELP. OU Law IT doesn't have administrative access to main campus systems, so OU Law staff are limited in the amount of help we can provide you in dealing with them. In some instances (such as the online teaching system, Desire2Learn), students actually have more access to a particular system than any OU Law ITS staff member.


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