Brian McCall


Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Associate Director of the Law Center
Director of Legal Assistant Education

Orpha and Maurice Merrill Professor in Law
B.A., Yale University, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, 1991

M.A. Kings College University of London, Fulbright Scholar, 1992
J.D. University of Pennsylvania, Summa Cum Laude, Order of the Coif, 1997

Professor McCall teaches courses in Contracts, Secured Transactions and Payment Systems.

After completing his Undergraduate and Masters degrees, Professor McCall taught English in a private high school for two years before commencing his law degree. He received honors for obtaining the highest grades over the three year law degree and for his specific work in Corporations, Torts and Wills and Future Interests. During his third year of law school, Professor McCall taught foreign lawyers studying for their L.L.M. a course in legal writing and research. He also served as a teaching assistant for a course on Law and Philosophy taught in the College of Arts and Sciences.

After obtaining his law degree, Professor McCall joined the international law firm of Dechert LLP where he focused on cross border mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance transactions. In 1999 he transferred to the firm's London office to further develop this practice and to oversee the merger with a London based firm of approximately 130 English lawyers. In 2004 he was elected a partner of the firm. Some of the clients he advised included Citigroup, JP Morgan, The London Stock Exchange, Comcast Corporation, Tate & Lyle Plc and Rabobank. He worked on many ground breaking transactions including one of the first public to private transactions in Germany and the first US company conducting a Regulation S offering on the London Stock Exchange's AIM Market.

Professor McCall has been a speaker at several conferences on consumer finance, corporate governance, legal philosophy, international securities offerings and private equity law. He is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association. Professor McCall has published the following:

The Church and the Usurers: Unprofitable Lending for the Modern Economy (Sapientia Press of Ave Maria University 2013)

Gambling on Our Financial Future:  How the Federal Government Fiddles While State Common Law is a Safer Bet to Prevent Another Financial Collapse __ Arizona State Law Journal __ (forthcoming)
Decorating the Structure: The Art of Making Human Law __ Journal of Catholic Legal Studies __ (forthcoming)
It is Just Price: Die modernen wirtschaftlichen Probleme betrachtet im Lichte der Katholischen Soziallehre, book chapter in Das Gefährdete Fundament (forthcoming 2013)
Can a Pluralistic Commonwealth Endure?: The Political Problem of Religious Pluralism and Why Philosophers Can’t Solve It. By Thaddeus J. Kozinksi 11 Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy 45 (2013)
The Corporation as Imperfect Society 36 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law509 (2011)
Consulting the Architect when Problems Arise:  The Divine Law 9 Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy 103 (2011)
It’s Just Secured Credit: A Natural Law Case in Support of Some Forms of Secured Credit, 43 Indiana Law Review 7 (2010)
Exploring the Foundations of Law’s Empire: A Review of Exploring Law’s Empire, The Jurisprudence of Ronald Dworkin, 4 Journal of Law Philosophy and Culture 195 (2009)
The Architecture of Law: Building Law on a Solid Foundation, the Eternal and Natural Law, 10 Vera Lex 47 (2009)
Learning from Our History: Evaluating the Modern Housing Finance Market in Light of Ancient Principles of Justice, 60South Carolina Law Review707(2009)
Unprofitable Lending:  Modern Credit Regulation and the Lost Theory of Usury, 30 Cardozo Law Review 549 (2008)
Quas Primas and the Economic Ordering of Society for the Social Reign of Christ the King:  A Third Perspective on the Bainbridge/Sargent Law and Economics Debate,47 Journal of Catholic Legal Studies 369 (2008)
Money, Money Everywhere but not a Drop to Secure:  A Proposal for Amending the Perfection Rules for Security Interests in Money and Deposit Accounts, 74 Tennessee Law Review 669 (2007)

Book Reviews
The Wound and the Blessing: Economics Relationships and Happiness by Luigino Bruni (New City Press, 2012) ___ St. Austin Review ____ (forthcoming)
Beggar Thy Neighbor:  A History of Usury and Debt by Charles R. Geisst (University of Pennsylvania Press 2013) ___ The Historian ____ (forthcoming)