Since 1948, University of Oklahoma College of Law has published the Oklahoma Law Review to serve the profession and the public with timely discussion of legal issues.  The Review is published by a student editorial board, operating with the advice of faculty.  The Review contains lead articles written by scholars and practitioners, as well as student notes and comments.

Students may earn membership through achieving a high academic standing or being selected through a writing competition. The criteria for each method are explained to first-year students in the Legal Research and Writing class.  Members and editors develop invaluable skills in analyzing legal problems, marshaling authorities, and expressing themselves accurately and precisely. Students who serve on the Review earn academic credit for their work.

Current issues of the Oklahoma Law Review are available via Digital Commons and other online platforms. 


The latest issue of the Oklahoma Law Review, vol. 69, no. 3 (Spring 2017), has been published and is available in PDF format at the Current Issues page. 

The Oklahoma Law Review's editorial board members for 2017-2018 are as follows: Editor-in-Chief: Mitchell B. Bryant; Managing Editor: Eleanor C. Burg; Executive Articles Editor: Cole McLanahan; Note and Comment Editors:Colby J. Byrd, Joshua R. Fanelli, and Alexander Sokolosky; and Articles Editors:Gerard Michael D’Emilio, Devin L. Kerns, and Jennifer B. Puckett.  Appointed editors who will serve for 2017-2018 are: Assistant Managing Editors: Christine Chevis, Lauren Clifton, Emilee Crowther, Ty Schoenhals, and Michael Whaley; Assistant Articles Editors: Kaitlyn DeYoung, KatieBeth Gardner, David Herber, Kellie Reidlinger, Peter Shadid, and Skyler Sikes; Research Editor & 2L Mentor: Connor Bourland; Topic Editor & 2L Mentor: KatieBeth Gardner; Symposium Editor: Elizabeth Byrne; Assistant Symposium Editor: Gunner Joyce; Judiciary Committee: Hanna Roberts (Chair), Emilee Crowther, and David Herber.

The Oklahoma Law Review back issue archive is in the process of being relocated.  As of now, digital copies of issues going back to 2001 are still available at the Past Issues page.  PDF copies of issues going back to vol. 58, no. 1 are now available through our Digital Commons page.  Additional volumes to be added in the months ahead.


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