OU Law Focus on Energy

Given the rich history of more than 100 years of energy education at the University of Oklahoma, it stands to reason that energy expertise permeates every college on campus.  That is certainly the case with the OU College of Law, which makes it an ideal environment for the study of Oil, Gas and Energy law.  Oklahoma’s location and expertise in Oil and Gas, plus having leaders in directional drilling right down the road, makes it a perfect place to study energy law. 

Through the work and the expertise of its faculty, OU Law has long led the country in legal education related to oil, gas and energy law.  This focus has led to programs for lawyers with including the juris doctor certificate in Oil and Gas Law and the Master of Laws degree in Energy and Natural Resources Law.  These programs have produced prominent attorneys in law firms and energy companies that practice throughout Oklahoma, Texas and the entire nation. 

OU Law offers students the opportunity to specialize in oil & gas law through a variety of programs including the juris doctorate certificate for law students; Master of Legal Studies degree for lawyers and non-lawyers alike; and Master of Laws degree for law school graduates.