For a complete list of library policies, see the Law Library Guide, which is available online and at the reference desk.

Food & Drink

Patrons may eat snacks in most areas of the law library.  Aromatic, noisy, or greasy foods are not permitted. No food is allowed in the Chapman Reading Room or the computer labs. Beverages in closed containers are permitted in the library with one exception: the computer labs. For those wishing to consume larger meals, the Amicus Cafe (1st floor) is available to all patrons.

Noise and Cell Phones

Please respect the needs of those who wish to study quietly. Keep conversations and other unnecessary noise to a minimum. Use of cellular phones is prohibited in the library area. All calls should be made outside the library in the lobby area. Laptop computers and/or radios with ear plugs should be used where they will not disturb other users.

Closing the Law Library

The library closes at the times listed in the library hours section. No one is allowed to stay in the library after the library is closed. After 6:00 p.m. daily, only law students, law faculty, and patrons who need to use the Law Library collection are permitted to enter the College of Law. Law faculty and students may use their electronic key to access the building after 6:00 p.m.

Fines/Lost Books

Books are due back to the library on the date stamped on the due slip in the front of the book. There is a five-day grace period on 30-day checkouts. There is no grace period on reserve or three-day items. Books returned after the five-day grace period will be billed the full fine.

Fine Schedule

•    4 week check out (books) - $.10/day, $10 maximum
•    3 day check out (bound periodicals) - $.25/day, $10 maximum
•    4 hour check out (reserve materials) - $1.00/hour, $25 maximum

Overdue notices are e-mailed to the student's OU e-mail account as a reminder. If this is not the student's primary e-mail address, the OU account can be forwarded to the primary account. Please see the computer lab attendant for assistance in this procedure. Failure to receive an overdue notice is not grounds for reduction or cancellation of fines.

The cost for replacement of a lost book, which includes a reacquisition/re-cataloging fee, is a minimum $77.00 per item plus a $15.00 nonrefundable replacement fee. If the item is returned within one year, the reacquisition/re-cataloging fee of $77.00 will be refunded. However, the replacement fee and overdue fines are not refundable.

All fines and lost book charges are sent to the Bursar's office for collection. If you do not pay the fines or fees, you will not be able to enroll in classes or obtain transcripts, grades or a diploma. If your enrollment is on hold due to library fines, please contact the billing department at (405) 325-1856.

Tobacco Products

Use of tobacco products is not permitted anywhere in the Library.

Policy Compliance

In cases of exceptional or repeated violation of library policies, the Law Library reserves the right to revoke or refuse access to our facilities.