Letter From President Boren

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Welcome to the University of Oklahoma College of Law! You are choosing a college with a tradition of excellence and a bright future. The OU College of Law was recently selected by the Thomas M. Cooley Guide as one of the 15 best law schools in the United States and received high marks by the U.S. News & World Report and top scores in bar examination results. In 2002, we dedicated a new $19 million law library and addition to the College of Law, which is spectacular. It is an exciting time to be part of the OU College of Law!

As you become stewards of the law, you will realize even more the importance of the continuity of the law. The rule of the law is preserved only if each succeeding generation is committed to it. Upon your actions in the years ahead will rest the vitality of our own constitutional system, which provides a firm foundation of our society while constantly evolving and adapting as our knowledge of human needs and social organizations deepens.

We cannot be a society founded on the rule of law without the faithfulness, integrity and stewardship of generations of attorneys, advocates and judges. We are a government not only of laws, but also of men and women. It is the moral courage of those who implement the law which assures equal treatment for all.

With the passage of time, those who have entered, and will enter into, the legal profession are no longer members of a small elite group in our society. The legal profession now reflects our entire society and underlines the duty of all Americans to maintain the rule of law, each generation in its own time.

As a graduate of the OU College of Law, I challenge you to cherish and preserve the law passed on by earlier generations and to improve its administration and broaden its meaning for those who follow.




David L. Boren
President and 1968 Law Graduate
The University of Oklahoma