The 2016 Oxford Summer Program will be held July 3 to August 6.  Students will live, attend classes, and take meals in historic Brasenose College, which is located on Radcliffe Square in the center of Oxford.  Founded in 1262, Brasenose College's list of famous alumni includes Monty Python's Michael Palin and current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron.

The 2016 Program offers five courses for a total of 11 credit hours. Students must enroll in at least 4 credit hours but may not exceed 6 credit hours or enroll in classes that meet more than 220 minutes a day in total. 

The courses will be taught by American and English faculty and will be letter graded, with a final examination or paper.  Credit in all courses will be granted by the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

For the first four weeks, classes will meet Monday through Thursday, leaving several long weekends for travel and sight-seeing.  In addition to class offerings, the Program will also offer formal and informal activities for students and faculty.  Scheduled program activities currently include a Champagne reception on the evening of arrival, a field trip by motor coach to "Legal London", and "High Table" dinners to open and close the program.  These activites are included in the cost of the Program. 

The 2016 Program is limited to 35 students.


Students will live in Brasenose College. Rooms are for single occupancy and are equipped with desks and other study facilities. Brasenose College has limited accommodations for married couples or children. Students who wish to bring spouses or children must contact the Director to determine whether suitable accommodations are available. Spouses and others accompanying enrolled students must pay for meals and housing. 

Provided meals include breakfast and dinner Sunday through Thursday. Meals are served in Brasenose College’s historic Dining Hall. 

Occupants of Brasenose College are subject to standards of conduct applicable to Brasenose students. The privilege of residing at Brasenose may be terminated for behavior such as vandalism or trespassing into private areas of the College.


Students will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from Oxford.  As flights fill up early, students are urged to make arrangements for their travel as soon as possible.


England, Oxford, and Brasenose College are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Any student with disabilities should submit documentation to the University of Oklahoma College of Law so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Students needing special assistance on examinations due to disabilities should contact the Director immediately.