The Calvert Moot Court Competition is an intra-school competition hosted during the fall semester by the OU College of Law Board of Advocates. This competition helps the students identify how the United States Constitution affects modern everyday life. Each year, the topic and issues cover a constitutional law problem that is currently being litigated in the courts. Participation in this competition is completely voluntary and open to all OU College of Law second and third year students. The participants in the Calvert Competition do not write a brief, but instead rely on the actual briefs written by the attorneys arguing the case in court. From these briefs the participants prepare and present arguments on both sides of each issue.

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The First-Year Competition is associated with the Spring Legal Research and Writing class. All first year students write appellate briefs and present oral arguments on a case written specifically for them.  Each team prepares oral arguments for both sides of the issues.  The oral advocacy competition consists of preliminary and elimination rounds.  The BOA administers the elimination rounds.  The rounds are judged by attorneys, judges, and faculty.

OU Law thanks Oklahoma Attorneys Mutual Insurance Company for sponsoring the 2012 Moot Court competition.