Tuition, Fees & Costs

Program Fees and Housing for 2017

Approximately $5,999.00

Students living in Brasenose or Frewin Hall (includes room, meals, services, health insurance, and Program fees).

Approximately $3,499.00

Non-students or spouses and significant others living in Brasenose or Frewin Hall (includes room, meals, services, and Program fees).


Students who bring children and cannot be accomodated at Frewin Hall must pay a fee of $1,500 to cover non-housing Program expenses.


Tuition and Fees for Courses

Tuition is $473.00 per credit hour for all students; fees are $186.00 per credit hour, plus an OU summer semester fee of $58.25. 

Other Living Expenses and Travel

Students should expect to pay for lunch every day, breakfast and dinner on Fridays and weekends, plus other food, beverage, incidentals (laundry, school supplies, etc.), and entertainment expenses they choose to incur.  Students are responsible for their own travel to and from Oxford and for sightseeing or weekend trips.