AILR Editors and Member Candidates for 2021-22

Editor in Chief: Ashley Murphy
Managing Editor: Libby Smith
Executive Editor: Taryn Chubb
Business Development Editor: Lucas Meacham
Articles Development Editor: Mikaela Barns
Assistant Managing Editors: Alexis Barnes, Liberty Ritchie, Lucas Meacham, and Melanie McGruder
Assistant Executive Editors: Dylan Hartsook, Kaylee Snyder, Grant Lowry, and James Crawford
Research Editors: Alexis Barnes and Mikaela Barns
Competitions Editor: Melanie McGruder

Jacob Yturri

Member Candidates:
Branden Blaylock, Andrew Case, Taylor K. Crossley, Justine Ellis, Thomas G. Hamilton, Alexander Hankhouse, Gabrielle Jones, Hilda Loury, Shelby Mann, Merit Marshall, Kianna Maxson-Udenze, Cole McDaniel, Jordan Medaris, Keiteyana Parks, Sheridan Patterson, Garrett Reynolds, Palmer Scott, Rebecca Sheetz, Grace Slaff, Samantha A. Tamura, AshLynn M. Wilkerson, and Ashley Youngblood

AILR Editors and Member Candidates for 2020-21

Editor in Chief: Drew Rader
Managing Editor: Andie B. Netherland
Executive Editor: Elizabeth Hampton
Business Development Editor: Allie Crawley
Articles Development Editor: Derek Gilliam
Assistant Managing Editors: Ty Gilmore, Braden Mason, Meghan O’Connor, and Joshua Cole
Assistant Executive Editors: Heath Albert, Kayla Molina, Annie Rischard Davis, Alexa Ryel, and Kate Ricart
Research Editors: Katie McKenzie, Emily Smith, and Ethan Swindell
Competitions Editor: Chandler Olson

Anna Brooks, Will Collins, Lacee Eakins, Mckayla Hendrix, Daniel Lee, Ryan Nigh, and Kennedy Porter

Member Candidates:
Alexis Barnes, Mikaela Barns, Taryn Chubb, Dylan Hartsook, Grant Lowry, Melanie McGruder, Lucas Meacham, Ashley Murphy, Liberty Ritchie, Libby Smith, Kaylee Snyder, and Jake Yturri 

AILR Editors and Member Candidates for 2019-20

Editor in Chief: Ridge C. Howell
Managing Editor: Madalynn Martin
Executive Editor: Allison Christian
Business Development Editor: Logan Blackmore
Articles Development Editor: Kendall McCoy
Assistant Managing Editors: Tanner Boyd, Ope Adegbuyi, Fox Whitworth, and Joshua Cole
Assistant Executive Editors: Haley Maynard, Patricia Scott, Matthew Irby, Brennan Davis, and Elizabeth Low
Research Editors: Emily Isbill, Josh Jacobson, and Ope Adegbuyi
Competitions Editor: Ogeoma Mbaraonye

Aston Armstrong, Brett Cheary, Lacee Eakins, Evan Edler, Tyler Gilmore, Cody Reihs, Kathryn Siverling, Chris Wade, and Tyson Wade

Member Candidates:
Heath Albert, Anna Brooks, Leyna Churchill, Will Collins, Allie Crawley, Derek Gilliam, Ty Gilmore, Elizabeth Hampton, McKayla Hendrix, Daniel Lee, Katie Mackenzie, Braden Mason, Kayla Molina, Andie Netherland, Ryan Nigh, Megan O’Connor, Chandler Olson, Kennedy Porter, Drew Rader, Kate Ricart, Annie Rischard, Alexa Ryel, Emily Smith, Ethan Swindell, and Rachel Williams

AILR Editors and Member Candidates for 2018-19

Editor in Chief: Alyssa Lankford
Managing Editor: Kady Billam
Executive Editor: Shae Weathersbee
Business Development Editor: Elizabeth Stevens
Articles Development Editor: JR Loera
Assistant Managing Editors: Kevin Cartwright, Sophia Fernald, Greg Keogh, and Molly Richey
Assistant Executive Editors: Jacy Chafin, Taylor Ledford, Morgan Medders, Hannah White, and Kaimbri White
Research Editors: Umar Ali, Wynne Brantlinger, and Calandra McCool
Competitions Editor: Amanda Jespersen

Abbe Adams, Justin Bates, David Goodpasture, Brody Gustafson, Douglas Jones, Katherine Leach, Gabrielle Marshall, Scott May, Lauren Smart, and Jordan Thomas

Member Candidates:
Ope Adegbuyi, Aston Armstrong, Logan Blackmore, Tanner Boyd, Brett Cheary, Allison Christian, Joshua Cole, Brennan Davis, Lacee Eakins, Evan Edler, Tyler Gilmore, Ridge Howell, Matt Irby, Emily Isbill, Josh Jacobson, Elizabeth Low, Mady Martin, Haley Maynard, Oge Mbaraonye, Kendall McCoy, Cody Reihs, Tricia Scott, Kathryn Siverling, Chris Wade, Tyson Wade, and Fox Whitworth

AILR Editors and Member Candidates for 2017-18

Editor in Chief: Abby Henderson
Managing Editor: Walter Mengden
Executive Editor: Brody Hinds
Research Editors: Christina Vanea, Harry Warden, and Teddy Webb
Business Development Editor: Tiffany Guillot
Articles Development Editor: Olivia Glazner
Assistant Managing Editors: Austin Rabon, Ashley Helberg, Kelly Bergin, and Jake Ingle
Assistant Executive Editors: Victoria Bautista, Matthew Craig, Nathan Lobaugh, Bryan Lynch, and Jacob Laughlin

Andrew Boone, Christopher Campbell, Ryan Geary,  Miles Heald, Jacob Krysiak, Patrick Madden, Lake Moore, and Kanton Vaverka  

Member Candidates:
Abbe Adams, Umar Ali, Justin Bates, Kady Billam, Wynne Brantlinger, Tonika Brown, Kevin Cartwright, Jacqueline Chafin, Sophia Fernald, David Goodpasture, Brody Gustafson, Amanda Jesperson, Douglas Jones, Greg Koegh, Alyssa Lankford, Katherine Leach, Taylor Ledford, Johnathon Loera, Gabrielle Marshall, Scott May, Calandra McCool, Morgan Medders, Molly Richey, Lauren Smart, Elizabeth Stevens, Jordan Thomas, Shae Weathersbee, Hannah White, and Kaimbri White

AILR Editors and Member Candidates for 2016-17

Editor-In-Chief: Austin Vance
Managing Editor: John Clifton
Executive Editor: Maggie Logan
Articles Development Editor: Naomi Palosaari
Articles Editors: Natalie Gilbert, Brooke Hamilton, and Audrey Roth
Special Features Editor: Orion Strand
Special Projects Editor: Terah Bielec
Writing Competition Editor: Rebekah Martin
Business Development Editor: Daniel Ashworth
Symposium Editor: Jarrod Gamble
Note and Comment Editors: Aspen Malone, Lauren Swanson, Weston Watts, and Evan Way

Member Candidates:
Justin Ashlock, Victoria Bautista, Kelly Bergin, Drew Boone, Jessica Bruder, Chris Campbell, Matthew Craig, Ryan Geary, Tiffany Guillot, Olivia Glazner, Miles Heald, Ashley Helberg, Abby Henderson, Brody Hinds, Jake Ingle, Jacob Krysiak, Jacob Laughlin, Nathan Lobaugh, Bryan Lynch, Patrick Madden|, Walter Mengden, Lake Moore, Austin Rabon, Cristina Vanea, Kanton Vaverka, Chad Wallis, Harry (John) Warden, Nicolas Williams, and Teddy Webb

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