Annual Giving Societies

Dean's Leadership Circle

The Dean's Leadership Circle offers the law school dean resources to take advantage of exciting opportunities for faculty and students and to support innovative programs that will enhance the legal education provided by the OU College of Law.

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Dean's Leadership Circle Members

Membership as of October 31, 2019

Abel Law Firm
Paige and Michael Bass
Kathy and Mike Bickford
Steven C. Davis
Brent and Jodi Dishman
David Donchin and Venessa Brentwood
John W. Dunn, Jr.
Arnold and Mari Fagin
Foliart Huff Ottaway & Bottom
Henry and Laura Hood
John C. Hudson
J. Eric Ivester
Cathleen A. Jones
Randle and Marla Jones
David and Jennifer Jordan
Mike and Mary Jane Lauderdale
Gregory L. Mahaffey
Noble K. McIntyre
Justin McMorrow
The Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation
Brian and Charlotte Mitchell
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC
Pat O’Hara
Armand and Amanda Paliotta
Phillips Murrah P.C.
W. DeVier Pierson
Gary C. Pierson
Tracy and Jennifer Poole
Power Costs, Inc.
Puterbaugh Foundation
J.  Hugh Roff Jr.
Raal H. Roos
Robert J. Ross
William J. Ross
The John Paul Stevens Fellowship Foundation
Ward & Glass, LLP
Phillip and Penny Whaley
Reggie N. Whitten
Jeff and Kim Wilmes

Honorary Dean's Leadership Circle Members

Certain annual contributions may qualify for honorary giving society membership. For more information, please email or call (405) 325-9175.

Honorary Membership as of October 31, 2019

Mark and Jacque Albert
Gary Beadles
David L. and Molly Shi Boren
Michael Burrage
John R. Collins
William T. Comfort, Jr. and Nathalie Pierrepont Comfort
Albert E. Ferrara
Sarah Jane Gillett - In Memory of Kenneth N. McKinney
Katheleen R. Guzman
Joseph Harroz Jr.
Hartzog, Conger, Cason & Neville LLP
Robert H. Henry
Alan and Anita Holloway
Inasmuch Foundation
Joel Jankowsky
Susie L. Lees
Michael and Mary Mahaffey
McAfee & Taft PC
Hank Meyer
R. Clark Musser
Larry and Cynda Ottaway
Pierce Couch Hendrickson Baysinger & Green
Philip H. Potter and Penny Pagano
Amanda Pennington-Prugh and Ryan Prugh
Qualls E. Stevens
Kathryn Taylor
Steven W. Taylor
John B. Turner
Whitten Burrage LLP

Second Century Scholarship Society

The OU College of Law is focused on providing an affordable, world-class education. This scholarship will be given in the donor's name, and 100 percent of the funds donated go directly to student scholarships.

Read more about the Second Century Scholarship Society.

Make a gift online and join the Second Century Scholarship Society.

Second Century Scholarship Society Members

Membership as of October 31, 2019

Nathan H. Aduddell
Jari Askins
Kenneth and Donna Blakley
Reagan and Keri Bradford
Shelby J. Bush
Robin J. Cauthron
Glenn Coffee & Associates
Stephen D. Colbert
Von Russell Creel
James F. Davis
Bryan and Margaret Dixon
James T. Farha
L. Kyle Ferguson
Darin K. Fox
Stephen and Nancy Friot
Robert and Cindy Garbrecht
Arch and Jo Anne Gilbert
William R. Grimm
John D. Groendyke
Russell and Nancy Harbaugh
Joseph Harroz Jr.
Joseph Harroz, M.D.
Melissa L. James
Sharon C. Jett
Lauren and Rich Johnson
Raymond J. Kane
Terry and Jeanette Kern
Jason and Jana Leonard
Tim Leonard
William L. Leonard
Michael C. Mayhall
Glen and Roxie Maynard
George Corbyn and Laura McConnell-Corbyn
Gordon R. Melson
Nick Merkley
Jonice Meziere
Jack Mills
Judy Hamilton Morse
John M. Nelson
William W. Nelson
Scott and Laura Palk
Homer Paul
Emily S. Poulsen
Amanda Pennington-Prugh and Ryan Prugh
Glenn W. Rawdon
R. Kevin Redwine
Raal H. Roos
Robert Sartin
Martin Stringer
James A. Taylor
Chuck R. Thompson
Grayson and Junia Van Horn
Devon and Paul Vrana
Sean and Erin Wagner
Linda English Weeks
Katie A. Wilmes
James H. Wood

Honorary Second Century Scholarship Society Members

Certain annual contributions may qualify for honorary giving society membership. For more information, please email or call (405) 325-9175.

Honorary Membership as of October 31, 2019

Ryan and Jill Ahrens
Blaney Tweedy & Tipton PLLC
Tim and Meg Bomhoff
David L. and Molly Shi Boren
Douglas E. Burns
Andrew M. Coats
Robert C. Copeland
Errol Copilevitz
Casey and Scott Delaney
Stanley and Saundra Evans
Arnold and Mari Fagin
Jay and Carrie House
Glen D. Johnson Jr.
Frank A. Keating, II
Christopher J. Kirt
John W. and Cecelia A. Norman Family Foundation - In memory of Ken McKinney
William G. Paul
Gene and Jo Ann Sharp
Nancy Stover
Greg Summy
Harry F. Tepker Jr.
Joseph and Theresa Thai
Thomas S. Walker
Thomas M. Weaver
Bruce W. Wilkinson
Ashleigh Woodall

Amicus Society

The Amicus Society provides fellowship funding to students who secure public interest positions over the summer. The funds raised also allow the College of Law to secure exciting guest lecturers and advance the mission of the College.

Read more about the Amicus Society.

Make a gift online and join the Amicus Society.

Amicus Society Members

Membership as of October 31, 2019

Luke Abel
Charles B. Ammann
Anita K. Anthony
Gary and Ann Baer
Henry and Hayden Benton
Max N. Berry
Donald and Marianne Blackwell
Edward M. Blau
Annie Brady
Don D. Brown
J.D. and Lindsay Brown
Todd R. Burlie Sr.
LeAnne T. Burnett
John G. Canavan Jr.
David W. Carlson
Laura L. Carter
Patrick O. Colaw
Timothy and Elaine DeGiusti
Nicholle J. Edwards
Ted and Lyn Elam
Jim Gotwals
David L. Graven
Shelly Grunsted
Noma D. Gurich
Joel C. Hall
Vicki J. Hicks
Frank D. Hill
Jerome A. Holmes
Wynn Ibach
Jay C. Jimerson
Stephen Jones
Greg Julian
Nancy I. Kenderdine
John and Jane Kenney
Thomas J. Kirby
Kathleen Knight
Jake Krattiger
Donald J. Kyte
Michael S. Laird
Tim Leonard
Janice D. Loyd
Ryne V. Miller
Jack Mills
Andrew J. Morris
Michael T. Nash
Todd A. Nelson
Cynda Ottaway
George L. Porter
Stephen W. Ray
Vance W. Raye
Karen S. Rieger
Cara N. Rodriguez
Christa Lynn Evans-Rogers and Timothy Rogers
Paul T. Sands
Robert Sartin
Daniel W. Seitsinger
Stanley P. Spence
John T. Spradling, Jr.
Joshua C. Stockton
Anika C. Stucky
Cynthia K. Timms
Brian H. Upp - In Memory of Stanley L. Cunningham
Artoush Varshosaz
Lauren L. Voth
Charles E. Wadsack
John and Marilyn Wagner

Honorary Amicus Society Members

Certain annual contributions may qualify for honorary giving society membership. For more information, please email or call (405) 325-9175.

Honorary Membership as of October 31, 2019

Eric D. Abel
Benjamin B. Allen
Wayne E. Alley
Whitney Alvis
Owen and Kathie Anderson
J. Edward Barth
Dale J. Billam
Jeb Boatman
Fred L. Boettcher
Donald T. Bogan
David L. and Molly Shi Boren
Thomas and Mary Brett
Thomas W. Brown
Don A. Bullard
David and Heather Burrage
Sean and Carole Burrage
Benjamin J. Butts
W. Kirk Clausing
Andrew M. Coats
Charles D. Coleman
W. Chris Coleman
George Corbyn and Laura McConnell-Corbyn
Tom R. Cornish
Richard D. Craig
Von Russell Creel
Michael G. Daniel
Michael L. Decker
Sammy Duncan
Nathan D. Ellis
Sarah E. Ernst
Allen D. Evans
Stanley and Saundra Evans
Roberta B. Fields
John F. Fischer, II
Jonathan B. Forman
Carol P. Gibbens
Paige E. Good
Joi Gordon
Gerald S. Gurney
James C.T. and Helen Jo Hardwick
Burns Hargis
Eddie Harper
Joseph Harroz Jr.
Taiawagi Helton
Scott Henderson - In Memory of Brandolyn Henderson
Philip F. Horning
Gerald K. Hornung, II
Jay and Carrie House
Mike and Cheryl Hunter
William D. Huser
Randall and Leslie Hyne
Randall L. Iola
T. Lance Jackson
Melanie J. Jester
Charles B. Jones
Mike and Kim Joseph
Carl and Pamela Ketner
James A. Kirk
Steve Knippenberg
Lisa R. Krieser
Vance R. Kriete
William Lee
Gregory L. Mahaffey
Jed L. Marcus
Desi I. Martinez
John W. McCue
Thomas C. McKee
Denver W. Meacham
Christopher Meyers
Edgar C. Morrison
Gregory D. Nellis
Elizabeth J. Nevitt
Marc Nuttle
Scott and Laura Palk
David D. Proctor II
Amanda Pennington-Prugh and Ryan Prugh
Ashley D. Rahill
Michael M. Rajek
Jonny V. Randall
Glenn W. Rawdon
Ron and Terry Ripley
Daron A. Rudy
Donald R. Shaw
Barty G. Shipp
Jamie A. Shouse
Timothy Sinnott
Joshua D. Smith
Connie S. Stamets
John D. Stewart
Neil and Karen Strickman
Martin Stringer
David Swank
Kris L. Terry
Ralph G. Thompson
Grayson and Junia Van Horn
Samuel J. Veazey
Devon and Paul Vrana
Scott C. Weatherholt
A. Max Weitzenhoffer, Jr.
Mary E. Witherow
Hal B. Woodrow
D. Ronald Yagoda
Marilyn A. Young
Don S. Zimmerman

OU Law Society

The OU Law Society is a yearly membership organization that supports the College of Law's general fund. This organization provides its members the opportunity to participate in networking events and social receptions.

Read more about the OU Law Society.

Make a gift online and join the OU Law Society.

OU Law Society Members

Membership as of October 31, 2019

Charles D. Ablard
Abbe S. Adams
Alan C. Anderson
Megan N. Anson
Richard I. Avery
Trent H. Baggett
Robert M. Barrett
Teresa E. Baumann
Stephen D. Beam
Brian D. Blackstock
Jap W. Blankenship
Susan M. Blondheim
Connor R. Bourland
Michael Brooks
Robert C. Brossett
Don D. Brown
Katie M. Brown
Mitchell B. Bryant
Louis G. Buchanan
John and Emily Bunting
Eleanor C. Burg
LeAnne T. Burnett
Elizabeth M. Byrne
Keith Bystrom
Brian L. Carter
Julie K. Carter
Jeffrey and Jordyn Cartmell
Allison B. Chandler
Jessica Cory
Scott A. Crisler
Carolyn Cummins
Alicia Q. Currin-Moore
Millicent F. Daniels
Andy and Jessica Dark
Steven and Melinda Davidson
Patricia D. Davis
Heidi R. Delaney
Gerard M. D'Emilio
Gary W. Derrick
Clifford C. Dougherty III
David W. Dye
Harry and Beverly Endicott
Shon T. Erwin
Catharine V. Ewing
James E. Garnett
Christopher R. Geurin
Shelly Grunsted
Erica K. Halley
Sheridan S. Haynes
Jennifer Henderson-Callahan
Jeffrey C. Hendrickson
James H. Hiatt
Don G. Holladay
Jason Huff
B. Melvin Hurwitz
Darla W. Jackson
Jay C. Jimerson
Francis E. Johnston
Wes Johnston
Bernard M. Jones
Rick and Audrey Landrum
Anne Wilson Larkin
Charles M. Laster
William Lee
David B. Lewis
Michelle N. Lightning
Candace M. Lisle
Melissa R. Lujan
Jason T. Maloy
Gordon G. Marcum
Rebekah R. Martin
Dace C. Martinez
C. Allen McCall
Erin L. Means DeWalt
Samuel J. Merchant
Gail E. Mullins
Robert D. Nelon
Glendell D. Nix
Tiffany S. Noble
William and Phyllis Odell
Christopher K. Odinet
Richard C. Ogden
Amy D. Padgett
Carrie Palmer
James H. Payne
Allen B. Pease
Camal I. Pennington
Allison E. Petersen
John P. Pinkerton
David M. Postic
Ashley L. Powell
Patrick E. Powers, Jr.
Gary and Cheryl Prochaska
Michael Purcell
Anthony L. Rahhal
David C. Rex
A. Donald Rhoads
G. Keith and Karen Roberts
Eagle H. Robinson
Leah Roper
Derek H. Ross
Daniel W. Seitsinger
Donald D. Self
Andrew F. Shi
Christopher D. Snow
John M. Spaeth
Mitchell J. Spencer
Lacey and Cynthia Stevenson
Barney Stewart, III
Hayley R. Stillwell
Kenneth M. Stoner
Craig Story
Barbara L. Swimley
Rochelle Taylor Curley
Ken Threadgill
Stacy R. Trigler
Emily P. Van Volkinburg
Sean and Erin Wagner
Teresa A. Williams
Ryan K. Wilson
Parker C. Wise
Eileen B. Young
Don S. Zimmerman

Honorary OU Law Society Members

Certain annual contributions may qualify for honorary giving society membership. For more information, please email or call (405) 325-9175.

Honorary Membership as of October 31, 2019

R. Wayne Anderson
Cheryl Arthurs
Daniel Ashworth
Richard Baboian
Lawrence Bellatti
William J. Bergner
Paul B. Bishop
David L. Black
John A. Blake
Edward M. Blau
B. Kurt Bollenbach
Sean-Michael O. Brady
Robert C. Bright
Michael L. Brooks
Selby P. Brown
David and Heather Burrage
Gary M. Bush
David C. Butler
James P. Callison
Charles L. Cashion
Stephanie and Jack Chapman
Torri L. Christian
Peggy L. Clay
Shelley L. Cole
Richard D. Craig
Clay T. Curtis
Don C. Davis
Lisa Tipping Davis
Renee DeMoss
William C. Doty
David W. Edmonds
Ted and Lyn Elam
Megan Elwood Madden
James H. Everest Family Trust - In Memory of Ken McKinney
Roberta B. Fields
Amy Fischer
Michael R. Ford
Kelsey N. Frobisher
John W. Garland
Jaklyn F. Garrett
Fred A. Glassco
Jan Grant-Johnson
Herbert M. Graves
Gerald P. Green
Avery B. Haines
Christopher T. Hall
Lauren B. Hanna
Joe L. Heaton
Taiawagi Helton
Russell L. Hendrickson
Frank D. Hill
Ellen R. Hinchee
Karl F. Hirsch
Mark B. Houts
R. Carl Hudgins
Phil S. Hurst
Ely Hurwitz
Thomas Janer
J. Blake Johnson
Noah D. Johnson
Paul L. Keffer
K. Kirke Kickingbird
Eric and Linda King
Donald J. Kyte
Joanne Lafontant-Dooley
Myrna S. Latham
Cornelius Leader
Christopher J. Lee
Donald H. Lees
Scott P. Mabrey
Robert A. Manchester
D. Neal Martin
George Corbyn and Laura McConnell-Corbyn
Amy M. McCurtain
Kerry R. McEniry
Robert J. Midfelt
W. Tom Milam
Andrew S. Mildren
C. Suzanne Mollison
Lynnwood Moore
Patrick Moore
Porter H. Morgan
Joseph W. Morris
Edgar C. Morrison
Melissa D. Mortazavi
Chuck Moss
Ashley E. Murphy
Michael T. Nash
Jennifer R. Needham
Charles N. Nye
Susan H. Oswalt
Marcus D. Pacheco
Scott and Laura Palk
David W. Parham
Major W. Park
Krishan V. Patel
C. Raymond Patton
William G. Paul
Tina Peters
David D. Proctor II
Michael M. Rajek
Douglas M. Rather
Stephen W. Ray
Rob T. Redwine
Mitsuno I. Reedy
Dee A. Replogle
Stacey R. Reynolds
Liesa L. Richter
Robert and Vicki Roark - In memory of Ken McKinney
Ted P. Roberts
Benjamin F. Rogers
Elizabeth E. Ryan
Sandy L. Schovanec
Joshua S. Sellers
Donald R. Shaw
E. Neil Stanfield
Thomas S. Stephens
Carl G. Stevens
Bevan and John Stockdell
Lana McGee Straub
Anika C. Stucky
Ashley R. Tate
Kathryn D. Terry
Susan A. Teschner
Ralph G. Thompson
Molly E. Tipton
Paul D. Trimble
Jeremy Tubb
Bret A. Unterschuetz
Robert G. Vaughn
James R. Waldo
John D. Weidman
Kelley L. Wells
Stephen T. Wertz
Lucas M. West
C. Steven Wilson
Mickey and Ann Wilson
Anne W. Workman - In memory of Ken McKinney

Student OU Law Society Members

Membership as of October 31, 2019

Joel Abraham
Modupe Adamolekun
Blake Allen
Kadijah Almarales
Francisco Almeida
Ben Anderson
Caitlin Anderson
Connor Andreen
Sydney Bale
Brennan Barger
Ashlee Barker
Bailey Barnes
Mikaela Barns
Lydia Batchelder
Nadia Bayado
Bailey Betz
Sam Black
Tessa Black
Addi Book
Tanner Boyd
Pierce Brady
Rebecca Braun-Harrison
Blaine Brewer
Brittany Brignac
Emily Brown
Ryan Brown
Seth Bryant
Madeline Bugh
Camille Burge
Cameron Burleson
Shannon Busick
Jake Callaham
Tina Cannon
Garison Carrell
Connor Cassady
Jacob Castagnola
Kyle Chapman
Allison Christian
Taryn Chubb
Leyna Churchill
Paige Clayton
Stephanie Clifton
Akayna Cobbs
Sarah Conley
Haley Cook
Lily Cool
Heather Crabill
James Crawford
Alexandra Crawley
Skye Cruz
Cameron Curtis
William Dakil
Joe Daniel
Sawmon Davani
Deborah Davis
Sam Davis
Iliana De La Fuente
Jessica Dice
Ryan Dobbs
Conner Dunn
Korbyn Easley
Camille Edwards
Alexis Ely
Amanda Finch
Jake Fletcher
Sydney Forsander
Sara Franco
Katie Friederichs
Hannah Frizzell
Matt Garner
Prisca Gbodi
Alex Gebert
Spencer Gill
Chanel Glasper
Jessica Goodwin
Abby Gore
Marci Gracey
Macy Griswold
Becky Hafiz
Kale Hajek
Elizabeth Hampton
Piper Hampton
Dylan Hartsook
Daniel Havala
Trae Havens
Wesley Hazen
Luke Helms
Alex Henthorn
Hammons Hepner
Garrett Holmes
Jacquelyn Hooper
Alisha Hounslow
Kaitlyn Huelskamp
Heather Huff
Leslie Hughes
James Hutchison
Matt Irby
Jennifer Isaacs
Emily Isbill
Rob Jackson
Jessica James Curtis
Tom Jennings
Breann Johnson
Charles Johnson
Jourdan Johnson
Kaisa Johnson
Nicole Jones
Steven Kappen
Shaya Kellogg
Phillip Kim
Carly Kirkland
Joe Krodel
Jimmy Lai
Brandon Landt
Morgan Lawson
Devin Lockard
Ty Lopez
Allison Lubbers
Rich Lubbers
Mariah March
Samantha Marchand
Nick Marr
Madalynn Martin
Tessa Martin
Haley Maynard
Ogeoma Evans Mbaraonye
Myong McClintock
Robby McIntire
Bailey McKay
Megan McKenna
Sean McKenna
Alexander McKesson
Tiara McMinn
Lucas Meacham
Daniel Mitchell
Rachel Moll
Jennie Mook
Rachel Moore
Arden Nerius
Andie Netherland
Motahareh Nickel
Katelyn Niles
Brenna Nixon
Kimberly Noe-Lehenbauer
Emillie Oberlander
Mary O'Brien
Meghan O'Connor
Mason Offutt
Amy Oliver
Sarah Oliver
Amy Oltmanns
Christian Osterhout
Taylor Ostrowski
Alan Pate
Seth Paxton
Taylor Peshehonoff
Jacki Phelps
Maggie Pianalto
Mariana Pitts
Moriah Plowden
Amy Price
Andrew Price
Hilary Price
Lauren Pride
Mary Rahimi
Pete Raju
Austin Ray
Garrett Reed
Robert Rembert
Cole Reynolds
Kate Ricart
Madison Richard
Annie Rischard
Caroline Roberts
Payton Roberts
Jonathan Rogers
Alexa Ryel
David San Martin
Chelsea Scoggins
Ashley Scott
Zach Scott
Grant Scowden
Tyler Self
Austin Sheehy
John Shelden
Clay Shepperson
Allyson Shumaker
Adam Simmons
Sheldon Smith
Kaylee Snyder
Nathan Solomon
Angela Sorenson
Gatlin Squires
Mallory Stender
Tracy Stewart
Tom Stone
Ryan Strobel
Eric Strocen
Alyson Sulak
Jenna Sullivan
Liz Teagan
Madeline Telford
Brad Thimmesch
Ashley Thompson
Veronica Threadgill
Sara Tomlinson
Natalia Tsokos
Caroline Turner
Kaitlyn Turner
Chloe Tyler
John Henry Walblay
Sam Wargin
Jessie Washam
Lauren Watson
Brittany Weaver
JD Weiss
Courtney West
Sierra White
William Whitehurst
Hannah Whitten
Fox Whitworth
Michal Wieczorek
Allyson Wilcox
Lauren Wilmes
Jennesa Wilson
Rachel Wilson
Colton Woith
Nate Woo
Anna Wood
Zach Yates
Jacob Yturri
David Zwick

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