OU Law Student Bridges Music and the Law at TEDxOU

March 15, 2018 | By Melissa Caperton, Director of Communications
OU Law student Nick Williams plays the guitar at TEDxOU.

Photo credit: Ashley West

As a law student and a musician, OU Law 3L Nick Williams has a unique perspective on music, the law and what threads them together. This connection is what inspired his talk at this year’s TEDxOU.

From Williams’ talk: “Studying the law and its development is basically a constant assessment of perspectives different from your own. You’re only able to really understand what you think and what you believe on certain issues when you analyze them from different perspectives; when you realize where you’re not. And you’re only able to understand the strength and substance of your beliefs when you place them alongside others.

“Music actually offers a pretty similar opportunity in a lot of ways ... And I started thinking about that in regards to the context of all these perspectives that the law tries to incorporate, and I started wondering whether music – given its inherent universal thread between all of us – whether it offers the opportunity for our shrinking and diversifying world to best live in harmony with itself. Because it seems like finding harmony between different people and different groups is more imperative today than ever.”

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