Meet the Class OF 2015



Kayla Argo

Plains, Kansas

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Plains, Kansas.

2. Where did you attend undergrad?

My undergraduate work was done at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

3. What degree(s) have you earned?

I have one Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and another in English Literature.

4. Why did you choose to attend OU Law?

I chose OU Law because of its sterling reputation and the many friendly faces I saw when I visited.

5. What is your favorite thing about OU?

I really like the relaxed, small-town feel that Norman exudes while providing all of the benefits of a large city.

6. What (or who) inspired you to pursue a legal education?

My love of literature, authors and the creative process inspired me to pursue a degree that would help me to protect that creative process.

7. What is an interesting fact about you?

Every summer my family reserves two weekends:  one to watch the Texas Rangers play and one to watch a Broadway play.