Meet the Class OF 2015



Eric Odom

Dimmitt, Texas

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Dimmitt, Texas.

2. Where did you attend undergrad?

Went to undergrad at Texas Tech University 

3. What degree(s) have you earned?

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics & Bachelor of Business Administration 

4. Why did you choose to attend OU Law?

OU Law was my top choice for several reasons.  First of all, it is the premier and flagship law school of the state of Oklahoma.  Second, its long lasting establishment of over 100 years insured that I was getting a quality education. Last, and certainly not least, were the individuals that I met around the school, both those working and studying here.  A law school is only as good as the people that comprise it, and OU has the people to make an excellent institution. 

5. What is your favorite thing about OU?

From my limited experience at OU, I would have to say my favorite thing is either the architecture on campus, or my favorite line - “the people.” 

6. What (or who) inspired you to pursue a legal education?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and while assisting with the set up of our latest venture I noticed the enormous amount of legalities that were associated with the process.  This led to the inquisition of several individuals with a JD, both practicing attorneys and business people, concluding that no matter what I want to do in life, law school would be the greatest tool I could have. 

7. What is an interesting fact about you?

I have been raising my own set of Angus breeding cattle for almost 8 years.