Meet the Class OF 2015



Cassandra Kolenda

Houston, Texas

1. Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

2. Where did you attend undergrad?

I attended the University of Oklahoma for undergrad.

3. What degree(s) have you earned?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Public Relations focus) and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

4. Why did you choose to attend OU Law?

OU has been my home for many years now. I love the campus and the people, and after visiting the law school staying here just feels right. I have visited many law schools, and I think the variety of opportunities and supportive environment OU Law has to offer is one-of-a-kind.

5. What is your favorite thing about OU?

My favorite thing about OU is the sports and team spirit. I have already purchased my season tickets and am ready for football season to start!

6. What (or who) inspired you to pursue a legal education?

The subject of law fascinates me. There are so many discrepancies between different states and even countries; I do not think I will ever get bored!

7. What is an interesting fact about you?

During my freshman year I studied fashion design. I can sew just about anything, including a suit.