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US Flags: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell flags?

A: The University of Oklahoma Law Center only provides these images of flags; we don't sell anything.

Q: Where can I buy flags?

A: There are many places, from your local hardware store to companies which specialize in flag sales. We're not allowed to advertise on our Web site, so we can't link to any of them.

Q: Can I use these images on/in my Web site/book?

A: These images may be used for not-for-profit purposes only. If used, the Web site must have a link back to A Guide to American Flags ( on the same page. Books must show proper attribution; include the URL above; and reference A Guide to American Flags at The University of Oklahoma College of Law.

Q: What can you tell me about this flag I found? How valuable is it?

A: There's not much we can tell you about the various flags people find in family collections. You'll need to seek the counsel of a competent historian or appraiser for that sort of information.

Q: Where do you keep the International flags?

A: We don't have any international flags. We have considered adding the flags of nations who have governed parts of what is now the United States of America; however, we have not yet made that commitment.

Q: Why do you display the [insert name] flag?

A: We have striven, to the best of our ability, to have an accurate display of historical and current American flags. If one of our flag images is inaccurate, we will correct it; however, removing a flag from the display simply because someone doesn't like it would be contrary to our mission in presenting these Web pages.

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