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OU Law Board Members

Board of Visitors

The OU Law Board of Visitors is comprised of our most distinguished OU Law alumni who are leaders in the legal community and their fields. The Board serves as an integral advisory board for OU Law, advising the Dean on a variety of matters. The Board provides critical assistance to OU Law through feedback to further our national level of education, while also providing opportunities and access to inspire service in the law. Individual members of the Board of Visitors often serve as mentors to current OU Law students, and will meet with their mentees in small groups for more personalized guidance and interaction.

Members of the Board of Visitors

Mike Lauderdale

Board Members
Robert Alexander, Jr.
Paige Bass
Jeb Boatman
Reagan Bradford
Sean Burrage
Shelby J. Bush
The Honorable Robin J. Cauthron
Sanford C. Coats
V. Glenn Coffee
William T. Comfort (Honors Council)
James F. Davis
The Honorable Timothy D. DeGiusti

Casey Delaney
The Honorable Jodi Dishman
David Donchin
Theodore Elam
Tricia Everest
Woody Glass
Chief Justice Noma Gurich
Melvin Hall
Governor Brad Henry
Laura Buckley Hood
Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr.
Cheryl Hunter
The Honorable Bernard M. Jones
Cathleen A. Jones
Justice M. John Kane, IV

Vi Le
Jana Leonard
The Honorable David Lewis
Dan Little
Michael C. Mayhall
Laura McConnell-Corbyn
John M. Mee
D. Kent Meyers
R. Brian Mitchell
Judy Hamilton Morse
John M. Nelson
The Honorable Richard C. Ogden
Cynda Ottaway
Armand Paliotta
William G. Paul
Cara Rodriguez
Robert J. Ross
Justice Dustin Rowe
N. Martin Stringer
Kathy Taylor (Honors Council)
Jane Teixeira
The Honorable Ralph G. Thompson
Mart Tisdal
Reggie Whitten
Bruce Wilkinson

Young Alumni Board

Similar to the Board of Visitors, the Young Alumni Board serves as an advisory board to the College of Law. Members of the Young Alumni Board are among our most distinguished recent alumni. The purpose of the Young Alumni Board is to provide support to the leadership of the College of Law as it seeks to enhance the quality of academic and professional programs, as well as increase engagement with recent graduates.

Members of the Young Alumni Board

Paige Good

Vice Chair
Andy Dark

Board Members
Luke Abel
Nathan Aduddell
Megan Anson
Henry Benton
Aashish Bhargava
Katie Brown
Jonice Cline
Patrick Colaw
Gerard D'Emilio
Renley Dennis
Dylan Erwin
Christa Evans-Rogers
Hossein Farzaneh
Elizabeth Frame Ellison
Amber Godfrey
Justin Greenfield
Mary Huckabee
Melissa James
Alex Kirby
Nicole Lynn
Micah Mahdi
Sam Merchant
Michael Nash
Gauri Nautiyal
Ashley Nguyen
Tiffany Noble
David Postic
David Proctor
Ashley Rahill
Ty Schoenhals
Alex Shipley
Brett Thomas
Mackenzie Torbett
Artoush Varshosaz
Grayson Walker

Hannah Whitten
Anna Wolfe

Alumni Diversity Council

The Alumni Diversity Council was established in the fall of 2018 in an effort to continue the College of Law’s commitment to further enhancing our efforts for inclusion and excellence. The purpose of the Alumni Diversity Council is to provide advice and support for the leadership of the College of Law as it seeks to enhance the diverse composition of the student body, improve the quality of academic and professional support to students, and increase engagement with recent graduates. A major goal of the Alumni Diversity Council is to increase scholarship and other academic opportunities for diverse students. Board members will attend annual meetings, mentor current students, and engage other alumni in raising support for scholarships.

Members of the Alumni Diversity Council

Dean Katheleen Guzman

Board Members
Alex Bliss
Senator Michael Brooks
Miguel Garcia
Joanne Lafontant-Dooley
Nathan Lockhart
Melissa Lujan
Micah Mahdi
Lauren Oldham
Jeremy Otis
Krishan Patel
Ari Ravi
Christopher Staine
Amy Stipe
Jeff Trevillion
Maria Valdez
Justice Linda English Weeks

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