The Civil Clinic offers law students the opportunity to represent low-income persons in a variety of cases and disputes. Students handle a mixed caseload of family law, public benefits and general civil cases.

Student comments:

“This was my last in court experience for the Clinic. It was a great way to end the excellent experience I have had in the clinic over the past year! I learned a lot since I began in the clinic last year. I feel much more comfortable in the courtroom than I did when I started. I learned many valuable lessons about the practice of law that will be beneficial when I start to practice on my own. I appreciate all of the hard work everyone involved with the clinic does. It has been such a great learning experience to be able to actually handle a case from start to finish and have our supervisor’s direction through the process. I cannot imagine a better experience to prepare us for the real world than participating in the clinic. I have truly enjoyed every aspect of the experience!”

 “I cannot even put into words how glad I am that I took the civil clinic coursework this semester. I have quite a few friends in professional school like medical school and dental school. I have always been envious of the practical experience those programs offer to their students and have said more than once that I would be willing (if you can believe it) to stay in school for one more year if it meant I could gain some sort of practical experience. Thankfully, I was able to gain that experience without the extra year because of the OU Legal Clinic. I have learned so much in the clinic, not specifically about the theory of law, but about procedure, deadlines and, most importantly, what it takes to work with people. My experience in the Clinic has been so unbelievably refreshing after being in the classroom for 2-and-a-half years. It has solidified in my mind that I want to be a lawyer. It has made me believe not only that I have the ability to practice law but also that I will be able to succeed.”

 “Working at the clinic this semester has provided me with great fulfillment and has reminded me of my purpose. Helping others is the real reason why we should embrace the law or whatever profession we embrace. It’s not about money or material things we can gain; it’s about people.”

Client comments:

“You all have the best program and the best interns I have ever seen, and I could not have ever gotten an attorney anywhere else that could have done a better job. Thanks for everything you all have done for me.”