Degree Requirements

To qualify for the Master of Legal Studies degree specializing in Indigenous Peoples Law, a student must:
• Attend an introductory course on campus (unless waived) 
• Attend classes online on a part-time basis
• Successfully complete 30 units of credit over approximately four semesters of study
• File an official Application for Graduation

To qualify for the Master of Legal Studies degree specializing in Energy and Natural Resources Law, a student must:
• Attend classes as a part-time or full-time student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law
• Successfully complete 30 units of credit including
      • 18 hours of courses in the areas of energy and natural resources and approved electives
      • A two-credit class in American Legal Systems
      • A two-credit class on Legal Research (international students only)
• File an official Application for Graduation

The student is responsible for ascertaining whether all requirements are fulfilled.


While there is only one Master of Legal Studies degree, MLS students are allowed to concentrate their studies in one of two specializations: indigenous people (an online program) or energy and natural resources. Their specialization will be reflected on their transcript through their choice of classes.

Indigenous Peoples Law - Online
Students will be required to take one course at the OU Law campus, Introduction to the American Legal System. This course will take place during the week prior to their online work commencing.  Each semester, two courses will be made available online.  Students are required to complete the remainder of their degree plan from the courses offered online. Students will need to complete 30 credit hours total.

Energy and Natural Resources Law
Students are required to select from a list of courses to satisfy 18 of their 30 credit hours. In addition, students may select 12 additional hours from Energy and Natural Resources curriculum or from other courses in the law school. In approving an individual’s course of study, the MLS director will endeavor to ensure that every student takes at least three of the courses listed as (core) courses.

MLS students specializing in Energy and Natural Resources may be permitted to take contracts, property, torts, or constitutional law as an elective on a case-by-case basis with permission of the MLS director and affected faculty member if space is available.