To better facilitate communications with and between OU Law Students, Law IT maintains the Law Student Intranet and Forums. These password-protected resources are available to all currently enrolled OU Law students who have attended the mandatory OU Law Computer Lab Orientation.

Examples of the resources on and activities facilitated by the Intranet and Forums include:

  • Contact Info - Change the contact info the College of Law will use to reach you.
  • First Week Assignments and Books & Supplements List - See your personalized list of First Week Assignments which is fully integrated into your personalized Books & Supplements List.
  • Exams on Laptops Program - Around mid-semester, sign up to take your exams on your laptop, and you do that via an app on the Law Student Intranet.
  • Student Directory - Look up other law students on the online Law Student Directory.
  • Classified Ads - Sell the books and other required materials for classes you have already taken to other law students.
  • Schedule Feedback - Each semester, the proposed schedule for the next semester's classes is posted on the Law Student Intranet to give students an opportunity to comment to provide feedback to the faculty and administration.
  • Check Grades - There's a two-week delay between the time grades are released and the time they become available on the University's systems. Your grades are posted for your private review on the Intranet the same day they're released.
  • Test Files - Want to know what a professor's final exams are like before you take the class? Look in the Test Files on the Intranet.

More information on the Law Student Intranet and Forums is made available in the mandatory OU Law Computer Lab Orientation.