Reciprocity Policy

The University of Oklahoma College of Law, Office of Career Development (CDO) will provide reasonable use of its services to law students and graduates on the following terms:

  1. Services are available to students and graduates of those ABA accredited law schools that offer reciprocal services to University of Oklahoma College of Law students and graduates.
  2. Request for services must be made in writing by a Career Services Official in advance of a visit by the student or graduate and should be directed to Sara Mongold, Career Development Coordinator, (405) 325-4717. Letters transmitted via fax to (405) 325-0502 or via e-mail to will be accepted as well. Walk-in requests will not be honored.
  3. Services are available to students and graduates for a period of three months beginning on the date reciprocity is granted. One renewal request will be considered for an additional three months. Institutions which have requested reciprocity for respective graduates and students will be notified via email regarding the status of the reciprocal arrangement.
  4. Services available include access to reference materials, handouts, general information about current job listings, and access to our online job postings. The CDO staff is unable to do research and mail or fax materials to visiting students and graduates. Limited photocopying services are available.
  5. Reciprocity will not be available during fall recruitment season, August 1 through November 1, and spring recruitment season, January 15 through March 15. Privileges do not include participation in on-campus interviews, direct mail programs, or access to checking out materials in the resource library.
  6. When responding to positions through the CDO, the student or graduate must state in the cover letter to employers that the listing was obtained
    through a reciprocal agreement between the requesting law school and the University of Oklahoma College of Law.
  7. Reciprocity is a privilege extended to visiting students and graduates. The CDO reserves the right to terminate the exchange at any time by notice to the individual and the requesting law school. Misrepresentation of reciprocity status by the visiting student or graduate will result in immediate termination of present privileges and denial of future requests.

Click here for a PDF of the University of Oklahoma College of Law Reciprocity Policy (opens in a new window).