Internship Experience Shapes Student’s Career Plans

January 7, 2013 | By Makenna Bober, Class of 2013, Recipient of David L. Boren and Molly Shi Boren Public Service Fellowship

This summer, I had the opportunity to work at the Office of the Attorney General of Texas in the child support division, and it was a wonderful experience. I worked closely with the legal team, learning the ins and outs of child support and the IV-D courts. Every Wednesday, our office had a docket of around 75 cases, and I was in charge of preparing all of the cases for the docket. I spent a good portion of my internship observing, both in court and in the office. This was the most valuable part of the entire experience. 

There were regular dockets, TANF dockets, and special sets in court, as well as many negotiations with the parties. I met several judges and attorneys while in court, and they were all so willing to offer advice and answer any questions. I also observed the child support review processes, which included the establishment, modification and enforcement of child support. 

One of my big projects this summer was creating liens against non-custodial parents who owed a substantial amount of child support, and then filing them with the court. 

I learned so much about family law, and this internship helped me to determine that I want to practice family law after graduation. I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity and the fellowship. The fellowship helped me to pay for my living expenses during the internship and let me focus more on gaining experience.

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